Secret Garden Family Photo shoot

Oh, high school dances.  I never was big on those milestones when I was younger. I love dancing, but no one is this country really dances, you know? And boys around the age of 16 certainly didn’t know how.  If I did go to one of my high school dances, my dress was purchased at Dillard’s during one of their ‘50% off already marked down’ sales.Where am I going with this? Well, the location I picked out for this beautiful families photos, just so happens to be a hot spot for pre-dance high school photos.  When I pulled up to the parking lot there was a buzz of activity. Pink, purple, and blue long formal dresses with rhinestone embellishments flowed past my car. Uh oh, prom season was in full swing. This meant we had to move to some of the quieter back parts of this park, but looking back on these photos, I’m so happy this happened! It became our secret garden full of yellow and white petal backgrounds. The mama of this family has the most beautiful red hair. Like jaw dropping. And their little boy, OMG, he was so funny. Towards the end of the shoot I wanted to capture some “daddy and me” images at the nearby baseball fields. He literally tried to shove a baseball under his belly. Haha! Anyways, I’m rambling and I know you just want to see the pics. To pin your favorites easier, click on each image for a bigger and better view :)


Vintage Land Rover Newborn Session

When your good friends own a vintage car such as a 1969 Land Rover,

IMG_1634and they just had a newborn, AND they are 100% down for taking newborn photos inside this beauty. Yeah. Those are my people. The morning shoot was so epic. Spring had just hit and the birds were chattering away with excitement (probably because they knew this was going to be a rad photo shoot). The sun was shinning in through the windows at their home creating yummy morning light. Floral trees were at their absolute peak of majestic beauty. The rays of the sun made being outside not too chilly when wrapped in a blanket. This is great for March in Missouri. The little newborn was wide-eyed and ready to see the world.   I get why so many people really like to have those sleepy newborn images, but man, I love a newborn that wants to take it all in. The new parents were in that sort of “we just had a baby” giddy stage where sleep deprivation is easily overridden. Which meant they were ready to go and up for all my suggestions. For example, “pretend you just got home from the hospital and it is 1969 and you can literally just sit in the front of the car holding your newborn all the way home. Now go, act natural.” Alright folks, here is the magic:



IMG_1945_5.jpgIMG_1973_8IMG_2032_2IMG_2001_bwIMG_1992_3IMG_1631IMG_1739IMG_2116_5IMG_2105_2IMG_2362_3IMG_2344_3IMG_2254_2IMG_2323_3bwIMG_2328_3IMG_1873_2IMG_1819_bwIMG_1853 (2)IMG_1749_2IMG_1848_4



Glam Style Family Photos

Oh wow, where to begin with this recent photo shoot.

Sequins, angel wings, ruffles, pearls…. Ah, a dream session, I say! For this mama of two boys, I can’t even explain the sequels of delight I had to repress that whole morning.

When this glam mom called me up and asked me to do her baby’s 6 month photos, as well as their family photos, I knew it was going to be a fun photo shoot. I mean the newborn photo session, I did for them earlier was a lot of fun

BUT, I had no clue that this session would be so beautifully old Hollywood. When she texted me a picture of her dress before the shoot, I about went to photographer heaven! Now this is how to rock what your mama gave you!!!  It is from Rent The Runway and here is the exact sequin beauty —- So very chic Marilyn Monroe, right? –

Their daughter has the bluest eyes. Even more brilliant than the proud papa, and although a little bit on the grumpy side that morning, I did manage to get a couple of half smiles from her. Enjoy!

Mama Bear and the Cubs

One fall morning,  I was looking at all the photos I have of my boys on my phone and it dawned on me that I’m in like 2% of these.  And any selfies we took together were, um, not what I would call lasting quality.  James takes a decent photo, so I told him I would set-up the camera/locations/etc and I’ll he needed to do was just spend 20 minutes snapping some photos of me and the kids. Basically, just be my tripod.  He kinda rolled his eyes since he was already busy working on a project for the house that day, but then gave me a big smile and said “absolutely”. I raced around taking a shower and actually doing my make-up. Threw on a new dress I just got at Target and put Greyson in a cloth diaper. I honestly figured my three year old wouldn’t participate since he has been acting like a teenager lately. It wasn’t until we moved outside and that Hunter started whining that he wanted to be in a photo. I was like “yes, please! I’ll even give you a cookie when we are done!” Overall, I think our little mama bear family session turned out just perfect!

2015-09-12 14.04.22 2015-09-12 14.04.17-3 2015-09-12 13.56.17-2 2015-09-12 13.56.16-23 2015-09-12 14.10.202 2015-09-12 14.08.24-13 2015-09-12 14.08.21-5

And one of the photographer :) 2015-09-12 14.00.512

Have a safe and wonderful New Years Eve!

Winter Sunrise Maternity Session

If you’ve seen the news recently, you’ve heard that St. Louis is having a flooding issue. Living so close to the Missouri and Mississippi river has its perks, such as gorgeous places to have photo shoots at, especially during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. But sometimes mother nature  disregards your wants. My heart goes out to all those individuals dealing with home and property loss during this difficult time.  I was lucky to squeeze in this Sunrise Winter Maternity session a couple of weeks before the water rose and a couple of weeks before the baby came! The mama-to-be was such a good sport. Nothing like telling a really pregnant women to get up early before the sunrise and hang out in the freezing weather without a coat for over an hour. I only heard her say once that she was a little cold and that was right at the end! I should have given her a standing ovation! After watching the sunrise we went to Main Street St. Charles where Christmas swag around historic buildings equals tons of cute images. 

Fall Mini Session: Rau Garden

So back in October I did something I don’t normally do, a mini session! I’ll be honest, the thought of only getting to interact with my clients for 20 minutes to not only represent myself, but also the quality of work that I like to do,  seemed a little overwhelming.  I started thinking, though, with the holiday season coming up, that I could give back to my friends and clients, by offering a really sweet deal. I completely understand budgets and how sometimes documenting you and your family beyond a selfie isn’t in the cards. As fall was quickly taking away the summer look for a near by garden that I absolutely love, I put together the promo and sent it out to the world. Turns out my first mini session was SOLD OUT in no time! Here are some of my favorites at Rau Garden in St. Charles, MO.

12194948_1010904192264512_4863185693116988806_o 12186686_1010904278931170_1317663648323212517_o 11231335_1010905612264370_6231063524614631660_o 905743_1010968168924781_7954786271111620122_o 887388_1010904245597840_1345952053100400070_o 886057_1010908862264045_2051234389022739819_o 12185378_1010968162258115_940023843805102887_o 12038579_1010968165591448_7045136992611278289_o 12194893_1010968268924771_7179079344774823907_o 12191315_1010979925590272_8165284356422061046_o 12182570_1010979938923604_118595430963499297_o 12185464_1010970992257832_1923745479682524582_o 12191230_1010973005590964_1242570963212411104_o 11123985_1010970908924507_3881453243338275788_o 12186568_1010970915591173_9189897484697406491_o 12183871_1010970912257840_327930382363319443_o 12184076_1010968272258104_5317036223670827303_o 12186382_1010968265591438_2483524166191591077_o 12185115_1010980115590253_3786653454112781202_o 905911_1010980035590261_8939548976012833008_o 12188232_1010980022256929_6281817155367532775_o 12191381_1010980018923596_8602011964699364485_o

Kingston’s Newborn Photos

So this beautiful mama-to-be that I met at my October St.louis/St. Charles MO mini photo session gave birth to the cutest little boy and asked me to take the newborn photos! I was so excited as I just knew the child was going to be gorgeous. I also was looking forward to using my micro lens for those super close-ups of those tiny little features that before you know it are toddler hands and toes. Enjoy!  12184076_1010968272258104_5317036223670827303_o


12374789_1033387873349477_1145115492846739180_o 12377893_1033387986682799_6742710290378759953_o 1933582_1033387896682808_994225918397130063_o 12363022_1033387916682806_4157157775750087603_o 10531402_1033387843349480_5114186608188798103_o 12362818_1033387696682828_4419396833729864738_o 12370885_1033387766682821_4287238666761900319_o 12356921_1033387656682832_3388852222082076044_o 12377748_1033387550016176_4309803327759321854_o 11149706_1033387466682851_8199078934386911512_o 920756_1033387376682860_6402770184802758623_o 981103_1033387546682843_7816859870091442169_o 10275461_1033389163349348_4726633685065577045_o 12357176_1033387383349526_3350760453503216639_o 12362737_1033387450016186_8118593679254063882_o 12362964_1033387670016164_4185911101057172047_o 12365944_1033388020016129_2859505663608907151_o 12365948_1033388026682795_759476516940722237_o 12374793_1033387233349541_4755126965773512206_o 12377645_1033389160016015_7099589767734473270_o 12378060_1033387410016190_4170469472424829869_o