Vintage Land Rover Newborn Session

When your good friends own a vintage car such as a 1969 Land Rover,

IMG_1634and they just had a newborn, AND they are 100% down for taking newborn photos inside this beauty. Yeah. Those are my people. The morning shoot was so epic. Spring had just hit and the birds were chattering away with excitement (probably because they knew this was going to be a rad photo shoot). The sun was shinning in through the windows at their home creating yummy morning light. Floral trees were at their absolute peak of majestic beauty. The rays of the sun made being outside not too chilly when wrapped in a blanket. This is great for March in Missouri. The little newborn was wide-eyed and ready to see the world.   I get why so many people really like to have those sleepy newborn images, but man, I love a newborn that wants to take it all in. The new parents were in that sort of “we just had a baby” giddy stage where sleep deprivation is easily overridden. Which meant they were ready to go and up for all my suggestions. For example, “pretend you just got home from the hospital and it is 1969 and you can literally just sit in the front of the car holding your newborn all the way home. Now go, act natural.” Alright folks, here is the magic:



IMG_1945_5.jpgIMG_1973_8IMG_2032_2IMG_2001_bwIMG_1992_3IMG_1631IMG_1739IMG_2116_5IMG_2105_2IMG_2362_3IMG_2344_3IMG_2254_2IMG_2323_3bwIMG_2328_3IMG_1873_2IMG_1819_bwIMG_1853 (2)IMG_1749_2IMG_1848_4



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