Winter Sunrise Maternity Session

If you’ve seen the news recently, you’ve heard that St. Louis is having a flooding issue. Living so close to the Missouri and Mississippi river has its perks, such as gorgeous places to have photo shoots at, especially during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. But sometimes mother nature  disregards your wants. My heart goes out to all those individuals dealing with home and property loss during this difficult time.  I was lucky to squeeze in this Sunrise Winter Maternity session a couple of weeks before the water rose and a couple of weeks before the baby came! The mama-to-be was such a good sport. Nothing like telling a really pregnant women to get up early before the sunrise and hang out in the freezing weather without a coat for over an hour. I only heard her say once that she was a little cold and that was right at the end! I should have given her a standing ovation! After watching the sunrise we went to Main Street St. Charles where Christmas swag around historic buildings equals tons of cute images. 

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