Mama Bear and the Cubs

One fall morning,  I was looking at all the photos I have of my boys on my phone and it dawned on me that I’m in like 2% of these.  And any selfies we took together were, um, not what I would call lasting quality.  James takes a decent photo, so I told him I would set-up the camera/locations/etc and I’ll he needed to do was just spend 20 minutes snapping some photos of me and the kids. Basically, just be my tripod.  He kinda rolled his eyes since he was already busy working on a project for the house that day, but then gave me a big smile and said “absolutely”. I raced around taking a shower and actually doing my make-up. Threw on a new dress I just got at Target and put Greyson in a cloth diaper. I honestly figured my three year old wouldn’t participate since he has been acting like a teenager lately. It wasn’t until we moved outside and that Hunter started whining that he wanted to be in a photo. I was like “yes, please! I’ll even give you a cookie when we are done!” Overall, I think our little mama bear family session turned out just perfect!

2015-09-12 14.04.22 2015-09-12 14.04.17-3 2015-09-12 13.56.17-2 2015-09-12 13.56.16-23 2015-09-12 14.10.202 2015-09-12 14.08.24-13 2015-09-12 14.08.21-5

And one of the photographer :) 2015-09-12 14.00.512

Have a safe and wonderful New Years Eve!

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