Fall Mini Session: Rau Garden

So back in October I did something I don’t normally do, a mini session! I’ll be honest, the thought of only getting to interact with my clients for 20 minutes to not only represent myself, but also the quality of work that I like to do,  seemed a little overwhelming.  I started thinking, though, with the holiday season coming up, that I could give back to my friends and clients, by offering a really sweet deal. I completely understand budgets and how sometimes documenting you and your family beyond a selfie isn’t in the cards. As fall was quickly taking away the summer look for a near by garden that I absolutely love, I put together the promo and sent it out to the world. Turns out my first mini session was SOLD OUT in no time! Here are some of my favorites at Rau Garden in St. Charles, MO.

12194948_1010904192264512_4863185693116988806_o 12186686_1010904278931170_1317663648323212517_o 11231335_1010905612264370_6231063524614631660_o 905743_1010968168924781_7954786271111620122_o 887388_1010904245597840_1345952053100400070_o 886057_1010908862264045_2051234389022739819_o 12185378_1010968162258115_940023843805102887_o 12038579_1010968165591448_7045136992611278289_o 12194893_1010968268924771_7179079344774823907_o 12191315_1010979925590272_8165284356422061046_o 12182570_1010979938923604_118595430963499297_o 12185464_1010970992257832_1923745479682524582_o 12191230_1010973005590964_1242570963212411104_o 11123985_1010970908924507_3881453243338275788_o 12186568_1010970915591173_9189897484697406491_o 12183871_1010970912257840_327930382363319443_o 12184076_1010968272258104_5317036223670827303_o 12186382_1010968265591438_2483524166191591077_o 12185115_1010980115590253_3786653454112781202_o 905911_1010980035590261_8939548976012833008_o 12188232_1010980022256929_6281817155367532775_o 12191381_1010980018923596_8602011964699364485_o

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