Bonjour! I haven’t mirrored myself in days.

2013-04-04 07.59.29 I think I have a trick mirror because I don’t normally look this thin

2013-04-04 07.59.12Like seriously. I eat a TON.  2013-04-04 07.59.06

And not like in the way girls say they eat a ton to be cool, when in reality it was only half a sandwich that they just had.  Today James and I picked up Hunter for lunch and got Mexican food. And I had fish tacos and chips and chips and chips. And only slightly felt full. Hunter entertained himself  while I stuffed myself by looking over the booth at some pretty ladies.

2013-04-04 12.28.21 2013-04-04 12.29.14Coming close to pulling on some strangers hair

2013-04-04 12.28.23we moved onto other activities

2013-04-04 12.30.40 2013-04-04 12.35.28 2013-04-04 12.12.25by the way, the title is called Bonjour, not because I’m a pretentious asshole and want to wish you good day in a foreign language, but because the shirt I’m wearing today in above trick mirror is in french.  Little know fact about me. I proposed to James’ sister on the Eiffel Tower WAY before that loser proposed to me (on a busy street corner).



4 thoughts on “Bonjour

  1. austynwade says:

    Do you remember when Marcus and I photoshopped this picture with your and James’ heads before he proposed to you? James looks hot in a pink dress.

    Hunter is SO CUTE and I get to see him THIS WEEKEND!!!

    • cheekychicstudio says:

      Ah, I do! I was trying to find the image for the post and I couldn’t…do you still have it?

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