Because Its Sterile and I Like The Taste

Baby got his first real bath last week.Only peed on us once.

Look at his frantic arms. You would think I was putting him in a bowl of lava.

Think we have enough towels and supplies for bath time hanging around? New parent alert.

Besides that mini pee adventure there has been many others…

Hunter did a slight toning down on the cluster feedings lately

so I have gotten out of the house, but I can’t open my eyes I’m so tired.

James and I even got another hot date at Target again. This time I made him buy me a pretzel and soda. How date nights have changed dramatically. (also please note, make-up is so overrated)

oh and my second child Mischka has gotten some attention

Hey, while I have your attention let’s look at my tum tum! So this was yesterday…it will be 3 weeks on Wednesday.

And here was the complete outfit. I’m rocking leggings like it is 1990.

I actually did get some more jeans the other day. Two sizes bigger than my normal size, which blows, but the jelly belly isn’t firm enough for my others to button just yet and I seriously can’t just always wear leggings. It really feels like this jelly. I keep asking James if he wants to make out while rubbing my jelly belly.  He always laughs, but then walks away. I’ve been walking on the treadmill most nights and today I ran for 8 minutes. I told myself I wouldn’t run until week 3…I should have know I wouldn’t be able to wait that long. I swear if you are looking for a baby monitor get one with video. Worth every penny!

And I got my water birth photos a couple of days ago. Man, reliving it is intense. I have almost finished the birth story just need to type it so I can share all the details, but note  I have pearls on. You can’t call me a hippie for doing an all-natural water birth. Hippies don’t wear pearls.

Other things I need to blog about that happened this weekend included this

and a new piece for our family room

But peace out homies, I gots to feed a hungry baby now.

2 thoughts on “Because Its Sterile and I Like The Taste

  1. Ashley says:

    You’ll probably hate me for saying this and it might just be the last picture but he looks like James. Those lips… awe he’s so cute… the baby that is :)

    • cheekychicstudio says:

      lol, actually I’ve been hearing that a lot. I know, those lips are just too cute for words (and seriously, stop hitting on my husband ;) )!

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