wigs and boxed wine

Baby has wanted to cluster feed the past three afternoons. This means my personal hygiene took a slight hit.

Other than that, Hunter has been awesome! Last night I only got up once to feed him at around 3am and he didn’t arose me again until 6:30. This should hopefully cut down on mine, I mean, James’ naps.

His first doctors appointment went well yesterday, my mother-in-law made me some of her fabulous sugar cookies,

James and I have taken advantage of this “cold front” that just moved in by taking him out to Panera
and our favorite coffee shop.

All this getting out of the house  makes this a drivin’ Miss Meghan around type of year.  I can’t complain. I’ve always wanted a chauffeur to boss around from the back seat.

The hospital nurses wrote us a nice thank you card (my birth recap run down story is coming still…one of the nurses who signed this card texted me the other day and said the images she took while I was in labor are almost done…don’t worry I’ll be sure to post the most horrific ones , hahaha!).

His social security card has come in already, so there is no telling me this ain’t a real baby.

I am taking back all my Huggies diapers because they leak everywhere, which means Pampers ugly white trash design on the front of their diapers is sticking around my house a bit longer.

And my sister texted me this photo last night of her with a wig.

Two questions got posed back to her…

1) what homeless transvestite did you steal that from?

2) how much boxed wine have you drank?


One thought on “wigs and boxed wine

  1. Austyn says:

    Hahaha! Love the pic of Jess! Excellent questions on your part. I’m so glad the heat let up and let you get out and about. I’ve been thinking about you being cooped up with this ridiculous heat.

    The cluster thing is not so bad. I did it on purpose for quite some time in the afternoon and evening (4, 6, 8) and it helped with the nighttime sleep for sure. It does make the evening tiring though! Hang in there :)

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