Claire Bear

When I went home for my friends wedding back in May

James and I stayed with my parental units (see dad in above image), which I love because it not only lets me get caught back up with them, but I also get to spend some quality time with one of my favorite dogs, Claire Bear. Claire Bear is my parents 6 year old plush German Shepard. She resembles a big wolf and is totally fierce looking, but a total cutie. My parents had to put a blinking light on her when she was younger so they could find her in the back yard at night.  This dog is totally neurotic when it comes to her balls and toys.  I like to play this up, so I make her lay down next to me with her favorite item in my hand and I walk around her multiple times, then stand for a while, throw the item, make her stay next to me some more before she can go get it. I know that sounds horrible, but it is just too funny for me. This trip she was obsessed with this yellow rubber duck.

I just die over her fierce cuteness. Die.

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