knocked-up Martha Stewart

oh man, not good guys.  James has been sick the past week and on antibiotics, and just as he was feeling better BAM I get sick. So here I am sick as hell at 37 weeks pregnant…and I thought walking up a flight of stairs was tough already. A far cry from what I was doing last year for the 4th of July.

Oh,  did you check out my old gymnastics shirt? I’ve used that as a night shirt for the past 20 years of my life. The cotton fibers are like butter now. Here was all the items James got to take on top of his antibiotic…

Here is what I get to take. Tylenol and gargle salt water.

In my head I was picturing with my day off tomorrow that I was going to make all these fabulous 4th of July yummies and be some knocked-up Martha Stewart, but alas, I think James wants me away from his food.   Happy soon-t0-be crappy middle of the week 4th and here is a little stunner from last year.


2 thoughts on “knocked-up Martha Stewart

  1. Austyn says:

    I’m sorry. Being sick while you are pregnant really sucks. People are not joking when they tell you that. After I had E, I was SO THANKFUL to have Ibuprofen back in my life. I hope you feel better soon. Was it sure a bacterial thing? Sounds like not if you didn’t get to have any antibiotics. If it’s the case that it’s viral, which it sounds like it might be, tell James not to be all pansy about you getting him sick with his germs. He’s immune now. He’s the one who got YOU sick! Although, I’m sure you’ve guilted him sufficiently already. Am I right?

    • cheekychicstudio says:

      Well I told the Doc I didn’t want any antibiotics, that I just wanted to see how my body would handle it. Yesterday was terrible, but today I feel so much better! I’m on the up and up! He felt so guilty he took dropped me off at TJ Maxx. That is an apology I dig.

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