Dynasty Flooring Returns

You know some mornings you wake up and your hair is like perfect. Beyond anything you could have styled yourself? Sunday was not one of those mornings for me. Top it off with witch face and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Yesterday, besides combing my hair, James I finally picked up the marble we needed for our upstairs bathroom.

If you remember from this post like years ago we were looking at doing this for the flooring. Well, we pretty much agreed that is still what we wanted to do. Here are some inspiration images…

So $1,000 bucks (gulp) and two full cars later we had not only flooring, but also the shower wall materials ready to go.

The annoying thing about Home Depot marble is that you have to go through each and every box of marble and pick out what you want because their “batches” can go all over the place. Like a box of 5 12×12 could contain smoky grey, yellow mellow, red mars, etc (made up marble descriptive names). I’m serious. It is a very long process. I was so worn out I took an over hour nap when we got home. But it will be worth it and will look really neat against the newly painted doors.


In really proud of myself moments, I also painted my toenails all by myself. It was so hard and I looked ridiculous trying to find a way to get up and over my belly. 

I also got to hang out at a pool for an hour this weekend.

And to top it off I got unexpectedly spoiled with gifts from my good friend, Austyn!

I made my dogs go through the Art Cards with Baby. I figured if a newborn would like it wouldn’t a dog? Nope. They thought it was really boring. And just because Austyn is beyond crafty she stitched some fancy tops for Baby Hunter.

I also worked on some marketing stuff, which I’ll post later today. You know, looking back on this weekend I have to say it wasn’t so bad.

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