Model Call

I recently did a photo shoot for AnnKat Designs jewelry line. This was my behind the scenes outfit at 8 months.

People say I should be a model. I have to agree, I really rock the yellow $3 thrift store cardigan like a pimp. Speaking of models, this girl – ms. Jayme should be. Anyways, here is a little sneak peek of what is going to be coming soon on

Isn’t Ann’s jewerly AMAZING? If you love Sundance or Golden Bear, this jewerly line is hands down for you. I can’t wait finish her website so you can actually buy some of the items. BUT in the meantime if you do want any piece (prices range from $20-100), email me.

Up and All Around

Here is an update on where we stand with the upstairs bathroom right now. Most of our fixtures have come in and the tile guys came out last weekend to help us see what we still needed to get done before moving forward. We now have most of the items completed and tile will be going down and up and all around this Saturday.

We are doing an integrated barrier free shower floor, which took James 3 hours on Sunday to sloop it correctly.

I didn’t slack off myself last weekend. The nursery went back to normal.Not decorated, but everything is organized. And I like that. I like that a lot.

Look how tiny newborn diapers are. Ohmygosh, I almost put one on my dog, mischka. But thought she has had enough torture acting out Hunter’s role in our family the past couple of months – see this post

My cotton diapers came in today! (Hhhmmm, just rereading that makes it seem like I wear diapers. I don’t. I mean, I haven’t in years. Years, folks. ) Be postin’ soon about those and some photography I took,

but right now I’m cleaning out a hallway closet and need to get back to it.


Chinese Fair

A couple of weekends ago I went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens Chinese Lantern Festival with James’ family.  You can see the exhibit all day, but the real treat is at night when they turn the lanterns on around 8pm. It was pretty neat and included dragons that even puffed out some smoke, but overall I found it to be really tacky looking. I guess I had envisioned something more elegant and instead felt like I went to a Arkansas county fair that had a Chinese Cultural section.

Massive Update Time

So much to get you caught up on, but alas I’ve been using the time I would normally devote to blogging to start reading baby books on exactly how I’m supposed take care of a small infant. After learning I’m already 50% effaced on Wednesday at 35 weeks pregnant (btw did I ever post any baby photos yet?),

(here he is punching and kicking me at the same time)

James and I quickly had a small “I’m not ready” panic attack. I went to target and got the last essential baby stuff I needed and I have almost finished packing my hospital bag.

I’m in total love with my diaper bag.

I packed for photos (just in case there is actually a competent photographer there and I end up liking some of the newborn images) my old stuffed lamb that I’m hoping Hunter loves as much as I did growing up. Cleaned out the car seat bases, which we got from my awesome sister. I’m not sure if it was chocolate or poo, but there was dark stuff in both bases and the actual car seat itself. So I got out our new Black Birch all-natural Lemon Cleaner spray and went to town.

They cleaned up really easily and I just watched a video online on how to install, so I think I can do that part of taking home the child.  I’ve got clean sheets and a clean room for guests.

Our bedroom is semi cleaned.

Not much you can do when you have a stack of marble hanging out,

but James did add new wall mounted reading lights for me. This comes in handy with my “Baby Wise” and “Baby Whisper” books.

Dogs have gotten some attention.

The baby room is a disaster right now.

This equals very high blood pressure for me. James wanted to add in some new trim in the closet, so everything I organized came right out.

The chest we had in the family room for storing all the computer junk, has been repurposed for a changing table.

Although you wouldn’t know it from this pic.

And bathroom….I’ll post on Monday, as we have tile people coming this weekend!

And did I mention we also need to replace our water heater? Yeah, the beast went out on us yesterday. Cause you know, when stress rains IT FREAKING POURS!

Styled Cut

Yo, it is style Monday. And only because I went and did shopping Sunday. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY.  After feeling a bit boring lately wearing over-sized shirts, maternity jeans, and flip-flops, it was time for an upgrade. This picture says it all.

So I got some new necklaces, perfume and 3 new shirts. Score. Here I am in this awesome cobalt blue button up with a stylish cut.

I’m even steppin’ with some heels today

And the jewelry is this awesome gold wrapped stone. I’ve seen these in a lot of magazines but they were always uber expensive. So I picked up this little diddly  at TJ Maxx for $30.

And to take fashion cues from my gma , I layered on the gold pieces.

Seriously, those rappers took fashion cues from my gma. She normally has AT LEAST 4 gold chains on.

I had some of the items laying out in the bathroom this morning and it all looked so pretty. As if a real lady lived in this house.

Come and Get It

Yesterday was James and I’s 3 year wedding anniversary.

In the spirit of last year we kind of celebrated on Monday after getting some free time handed to us. We started with appetizers at Q on their balcony, got annoyed with the service and headed over to Lewis & Clark’s 3rd story balcony for dinner. There was an old fashioned marching band practicing down by the river, which was  pretty sweet to listen to. And to make the night so awesome I got a double scoop waffle ice cream cone.  Ice cream and restrooms = a pregnant girls dream night.

I took this photo right as he was telling me this food hopping adventure was probably my most favorite thing to do.

I couldn’t agree more. Anyways, we didn’t exchange cards or give each other gifts. Just people watched and tried to come up with all the reasons why we were better then everyone we saw. The children were the easiest.  Speaking of kids, I put together the stroller all by myself!

I really didn’t want some big travel system that I would feel overwhelmed with, my exact thoughts were European and no frills. I figured this little Graco set-up would allow me to get out of the house. James and I already took Mischka in it for a spin. We also had Mischka try out a couple of other items.

HAHA. I love my freaking dog. I also love this COME AND GET IT bell I got at TJ MAXX for $12 bucks. When I was little my mom had a cow bell that she would ring my sister and I in when lunch or dinner was ready in the summer. I figured now I could just ring a bell whenever I felt like being a weird neighbor.

Golden Ticket, er, Label

Still here. Nothing ghostly to update on. Boo.  I’ve had a productive week so far and today is no exception. Yesterday was the launch of the most recent Black Birch online catalog for early summer. You can read it here –

Or if you can’t view flash files here is the BB Early Summer 2012 LR PDF File. Jayme and I created our newest sugar scrub in over a year, Citrus Bee, which is a honey orange scrub. The honey is from a local bee farm so it will only be a limited-edition item for the summer. You can read all about why honey is so awesome for your skin in either of the links above. I picked a metallic gold label for this product, which I freaking love.

Everything should be in metallics beautiful gleam this summer, in my humble opinion.