Mom’s Day

Hope everyone had a good Mother’s Day celebration on Sunday.  I got up that morning early and cleaned the house, went to the grocery store, and made James feel guilty for not getting me flowers or a card. Oh ladies, I got my card AND flowers. THANK YOU JAMESSSssss.  Everyone showed up around 10am for pre-brunch at my house (we all kind of like to eat).

And headed down to Main Street for a real brunch around 11am.

We all were blessed with getting to eat with such a cool dude…

At one point of the meal he took his sisters debit card and literally buried it in the garden behind us. I probably am not completely aware of just how much training I have had in the past 3 years on dealing with “spirited” children.

Anyways…Look at these gorgeous hydrangeas from Liz’s garden!

Had I known I was getting these I might not have done the guilt trip on James for my Mom Day flowers. Oh, who am I kidding…


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