Window Display

Finally completed this project with the help of James’ dad last week.

you can see in that last photo the rain was just starting to move in right when they completed…

While that whole project was getting completed I had to take down some deck stairs. These in particular

Everyone seems to use this side entrance as our front door, which is kind of annoying and once we have new carpet in that room it will be insane to try to keep clean. In a fit of pregnancy madness I found a hammer, crowbar,  and my running skirt and went to town on it.

Before long it was done.

and I felt satisfied.  For a brief moment and then it was off to get the power sander and white porch paint. And after I did that I was satisfied. But only for another brief moment, as I realized one of my mannequins needed a white paint touch up.

fairly certain my neighbors think I’m nuts. We don’t seem to shy away from awkward things including our window display…

This post seems long so I’ll save the roof update for the next one.

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