Cabo Wabo

Just a warning that tomorrow’s post will be heavy with images, but until then here is a sneak peak at our Mexico vacation. The beach, resort, staff, etc were amazing! There were so many unexpected joys during this vacation, like dolphins swimming right in front of the resort.

Getting to spend some quality time with my husband without being interrupted by work, etc.  was also amazing.

And what topped that was goofing off with my husband and acting like kids for 4 days.

I think we swam maybe once? The ocean felt warm in the morning, but by afternoon everything felt cold, even the pool water. I’m going to try to get into InStyle Magazine so I made James take the winning photo next to the resorts adult pool.

That Drew out beautified me. James and I went on a short 2 hour cruise and were unexpectedly treated to some whale watching.

The last days of vacation always suck, but because I’m a stickler for efficient traveling our no check baggage rule got us to the front of a 45 minute line at the American Airlines ticket counter on the way home.

Cabo’s airport is one of the fun old fashioned kinds where you don’t have to walk through terminals to get to your plane. They have big signs on each plane identifying where it is going so you don’t board the wrong one.

And S80’s have the most ridiculous images in their safety guide

How annoyed do you think this lady was when she had to get her hair wet?

With ancient photography like that makes you feel real safe going over large bodies of water 30,000 feet in the air.

Took us almost all day to get home it felt like, but what would you expect when you have to leave paradise?

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