“I’m already on the phone with the cops”

Picked up a claw footed tub over the weekend. It was 2 hours away inside the basement of a home that was built in the 1820’s. FREAKING OUT the whole time I was there.

Unfortunately, when we got back home and actually measured the tub we realized the guy had given us the wrong measurements. By 12 inches.Ā  Not really something you can squeeze in. And to add to the icing on the cake, some girl ran her car into the back of our trailer that was parked outside our home that same night. James literally had to run outside and chase her down to stop. She was crying hysterically asking us not to call the cops because she didn’t have insurance or a drivers license. I could not get my phone out fast enough.

Cops came right away, they took her off to jail, and James’ truck has $2,300 worth of damage because of the amount of force her car created into his bumper. The trailer is basically fine, but the truck literally moved forward and to the left.


So um, anyone want to buy a tub?

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