No boy

Thanksgiving, it is my favorite holiday of the year for the fact it is centered around glorious, glorious food. This year we went down to Cape Girardeau, along with my sister and her family to visit our extended family.  The car ride down went pretty smooth with Aiden rubbing his sticky hands all over my water bottle

and Zach getting in trouble with his lack of attention to the road.

Aiden is at the stage that every answer is a firm “no” response. Such as “Aiden, do you want to put some pants on? No? Ok.” Or “Aiden, do you want to stop kicking me and my laptop with your cool boots? No? Ok.”

Pre-dinner we took a 2 mile hike inside the Trail of Tears park  to start working off the unmentionable amount of calories I was going to eat this weekend.  It was a really nice hilly path

and had an amazing scenic outlook at the top over looking the river.

Cue family photo session:

Unfortunately, there was no bathrooms along the way and the guys used this to their advantage to get back to nature. Here is Zach doing his walk of shame, which turned into a  run after he found out James and I had taken photos.

Lots of play time was spent downstairs in the basement to keep the little “no” boy occupied

and yummy dinner was served around 6pm.

There was also a bonfire,

but like I said, playtime was number one priority.

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