Fall Wedding Ideas

My good friend Jayme, whom some of you know from Black Birch, just got back from a family wedding over the weekend. Her littler brother got married up in Iowa and she helped out by doing some cute and creative mantle and head table decorations that I wanted to share with you all. The bride also did a great job with the centerpieces and all the other decorations for the space – it was a perfect fall wedding, so lets dive in!

First up Jayme’s decor

Next, my favorite part of all…the food!

Centerpieces were all very unique and the bride used mason jars, wood pieces, and a lot of natural elements

Wedding favors were candy apples (which this should probably have been under food)

The wedding was held outside and also had a lot of charm besides an amazing view!

AND  my other favorite part, the FASHION! First the bride and groom attire –

Next Ms. Jayme and her prom date  (Haha, I couldn’t resist)

And parents of the bride

You might have noticed they all have on one of kind boutonniere and corsages. Yep, made by the bride as well.

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