New Office, Closet, and uh workout plan.

We needed an office at our house so we stop using the dining room table as our desk.  Only we are doing some sort of remodel project in every room in our house and we wanted our bedrooms to be, well, bedrooms.  For some reason our family room has two closets right next to each other.

Which was great for when we were living downstairs in the formal living room to keep all of our clothes organized,

but now that we are sleeping upstairs we figured we could at least add organizational tools in the closet upstairs.

So I emptied out the smaller closet downstairs, while James installed our new set-up upstairs.

I only had to do a quick touch-up of paint and she was good to go.

So with the downstairs family room closet now empty, we could work on my inspiration.

So before…

I came back from literally an all day meeting to a new office. Still needs some final touches (like style), but we can at least work there now.

I love all the change, but since I still have a lot of clothes in the other closet downstairs, plus the laundry room is in the basement, it is causing me to run up and down 3 stories every morning trying to put an outfit together. Never felt stronger and more skinny.

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