Afternoon Delight

I left work at such a decent time yesterday that James and I got to use our pool passes (I warned you that it was going to be my backdrop for the summer).  I grabbed some yum yums and we jumped into the car.

I look totally naked, but I swear I had a shirt on

The pool was all ours except one other couple who read their books the whole time. I don’t know how to read so I just stared at them with envy. Naw, I actually just took self portraits.  I have no issue looking and acting like an idiot if you haven’t noticed.

James decided he was to be a business man at the pool and took business calls the whole time. It was really awesome hanging out with him.

After a taco bell run (“You don’t want no meat on your taco, only beans?”),

which we ate upstairs on our balcony with our bathtub (what?),

and children.

We surveyed our yard

and then I started the very first thin, thin, thin coat of paint on the wainscoting.

I messed up when I first started, so I get the pleasure of sanding and repainting that.  Anyways, good thing I wore all white cause I got paint all over me.

After I was cleaning up James wanted to do a photo shoot of me (how could I say no?), but I really didn’t have any props so I pretend to remove the wainscoting with my freak arm?

I don’t know. But what I do know…it’s Friday!!!

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