Can’t Lean Back

I can’t really lean back in chairs and sleeping has become an issue.  Major sunburn. And all because of our yard.

This albino spent 3 hours on Sunday pulling weeds and I really have nothing to show for it besides red skin.  Our yard is just that neglected because of all our inside duties we’ve been tackling.

Now that we got the upstairs floors completed I’m a nervous wreak when I hear any sort of power tool going off.  It is finally starting to look like people might actually live here. James has been working extra hard on the wainscoting.  It is almost done besides the drywall we need to hang near our master bedroom.

The drywall has been put up near the window (as well as installation!)

James has also put away all his tools that were in the kitchen.

I forgot how luxurious it was to remove the plastic wrapping from a frozen pizza without being next to power tools.  What? Like you really think I have time to cook.  Also I have to recommend something. Go to Taco Bell preferably in a sunset orange 1998 Ranger and

get one of their Pina Colada

When you get home mix it with some rum. It is totally awesome and takes zero effort like pulling out the blender.

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