Christmas Came Early

This year for Christmas James and I came up with a couple of plans for how we wanted to give gifts for each other. We both said no more than $50 each.  I then came up with if he is going to buy me clothes I would rather we just make a fun date out of purchasing items together (Yes, I really am that much of a control freak). This Saturday kind of became a mashup of those things.  I ended up getting 3 items from Banana Republic for my Christmas gifts. A little over our set budget, but they were doing an amazing sale and…yeah…

First, I needed some new dark denim jeans that were longer in length so I could wear them with high heels.

Next, I got this amazingly comfortable sweater

And lastly, I channeled my inner spy and got a fabulous trench coat. Hey, British Jess – Don’t you think this would work perfectly on a dreary rainy day in Britain? If so, I must book a trip soon, right?

The outfit together sans coat. I love the little pockets. I’m not a smoker, but I always thought I would be because I like to keep my hands busy. These pockets give me something to do with my hands. This could also be why I drink a lot. You know, gotta always have a glass in my hands.

and now with coat…

Like I said yesterday, this really is a great use of your time.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Came Early

  1. British Jess says:

    Thanks for the mention! and by Golly, yes it would be lovely for a dreary english day :) I want one, can you send one across the pond hehe.
    Please come and visit soon. Would love to meet the hubby and Mischka of course!

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