Sure, you can filter ANYTHING!

apparently not…OK. So I’m going to tell you a story, but you can’t judge me.

One time right after college. I know, this story takes place after college, which just makes you want to judge me more. Anyways, I had read somewhere that you could make cheap vodka even better by running it through a Brita water filter. Anyone know what I’m talking about? Here is a link…

Image from Popped Collars Tuition

Well, I was kind of tipsy one night earlier on in James and I’s relationship (why do you think we got married so quickly? booze children. booze.) when we opened up a really nasty bottle of Pinot Grigio – seriously tasted like dirt. So I had the brilliant idea to run it through my Brita water filter. The end result was a ruined filter and wine that tasted like three-fourths water.

Thank goodness this recent bottle of wine we opened didn’t taste like that.

When googling for an image of my failed attempt I found this post. Totally unrelated, but so true.

Wait a bloody second, I can relate this and I will. Once, a group of us took out a parents BMW convertible – yes, this was last year. I’m not sure why. I think it was just to feel young again. Like sneaking out and going to party or something in your parents car. Well, we didn’t go to a party. More like a sophisticated wine bar near by.  We all wanted to share a bottle of wine and they had a flyer on the table for what seemed like a bottle of Ed Hardy wine(yes, he actually was a wine label) for $10. Now, although everyone at our table that night can list off a thousand reasons why you should never wear anything Ed Hardy we totally thought what the hell, it’s so cheap. Conclusion? Yes, the wine is just as terrible as his shirts. Only this you have to swallow.

Oh yeah, and we got the bill. Each glass of Chardonnay was $10, not the bottle. Son of a…I’m all fired up for my hatred of Ed Hardy that I think next week I will devote an entire post to it.

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