Removing the Beast

Last weekend it was time. Time to remove the beast in our upstairs hallway.

*Honesty Time* this was a staged photo shoot. I seriously woke up 3 minutes before from a nap. James even offered to take my photo so I could pretend on the blog like I was actually working on this project. Look…here I am doing…yeah…doing nothing.

I guess, I did end up doing something by becoming the official photographer on this project and I sourced plumping supplies downstairs. I just really didn’t want to breathe in all the dust, plus I had plans to go on a run soon. Oh, the life of a kept woman – ha!

Plus James had it all under control by himself. He had it ripped down in no time.

What are we going to replace it with? Good question. We are not really sure. Really. We have no clue what we want to do. But in the meantime now our Master is not only housing the antique tub, but also the beast’s insides.

At least we aren’t using our Master porch to house anything besides actual patio furniture.

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