Big Winner

I totally got spoiled with friends this weekend. Not only did I throw my fancy wine party this Saturday (pics and details coming this week), but I also had a dear friend, Austyn, from high school fly into town this weekend for her baby shower. I was lucky enough to have Austyn and her husband stay at my house on Friday.

She really makes pregnancy look good!

I got her a Boppy Pillow and was determined to wrap it for some reason. By the time I was done wrapping the gift the paper looked like I had found it in someone’s trash can.

So me and old looking wrapping paper jumped into the car and headed to Washington, MO for her Baby Shower. Not only does this town happen to be utterly adorable it even has a Target! The shower was held at this cute little coffee shop…

The beautiful sisters!

I’m only assuming a guy invited this game, but we played the old Guess How Big All Your Relatives Think You Look Yarn Game.

Big winner! I won the Guess the Baby Food game and got a fancy sugar cookie gift basket –yums! This is the only time my baby food diet has ever paid off…HAHA joking cause eating baby food to lose weight would be weird, right?

And I was a big winner again that night. Austyn’s creative sister-in-law gave me some left over cupcakes to use at the wine party I was throwing that same night.

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